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ROCKVIEW brings together smart, experienced and sometimes even consultants who think outside the box and are familiar with the dynamics of business issues thanks to their years of professional experience. Based on our expertise, interests and biographies, we are specialised in the following industries:

Financial Services

The financial sector is undergoing a major transformation: new technologies and communication channels are paving the way for more providers with new types of financial products and services. The regulatory framework is changing, making it necessary to restructure current business models. The pressure on competition and margins is constantly increasing. Our experts know where your opportunities and potential lie for you to remain successful on the market in the long term. Our clients are commercial banks, stock exchanges, asset managers, development banks, investors and providers of specialised financing.

Private Equity and Investors

Private equity provides companies with the opportunity for fundamental reorientation and/or rapid growth and can provide investors with substantial returns. But this is not necessarily always the case! At ROCKVIEW, we know which return potentials you should and can exploit – and which you should rather not! Our experts advise decision-makers in private equity funds and family offices with a healthy mix of experience, knowledge, rationale and finesse.

Medium-Sized Industrial Companies

Granted: As a strategic consulting firm it is not easy to gain the trust of medium-sized companies! Strategy is justifiably the core task of the CEO and the CEO’s colleagues, and it cannot be outsourced. We have established ourselves as a trusted partner to medium-sized decision-makers because we do not take the long way around things, do not beat around the bush and accompany decision-makers with tact and sensitivity when it comes to fundamental processes and developing their companies further. Our satisfied consulting clients include medium-sized and family businesses from a wide range of industries.


The energy market is currently undergoing massive changes: Now and in future, international climate protection efforts must be taken into account and sensible alternatives to fossil fuels must be found. This transformation requires an essential infrastructure, the provision of new technologies, precise preparation of investment decisions and companies that want to play a successful role. Our ROCKVIEW experts will advise your company on how to achieve this realignment so that it is strategically fundamental and sustainable in a changing ecosystem.

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